Our kits are entirely conceived and produced by us. We developed  thinking in programmatic content and learning that are much more pleasant when they are assimilated in practice than in theory. From the do-it-yourself principles and concepts of mechanics, hydraulics, physics, mathematics, robotics, electronic and music we think in a new way of teaching, more organic and engaging. In addition to BE fun. dadalab kits stimulate creativity, curiosity and allow everyone to have the power to build your own toy robot or musical instrument.

Articulated Robot


The Articulated Robot kit brings the understanding of a mechanical system driven by an electric motor mechanism. Made in recycled wood cuted by CNC and 3D printing.

Hydrabot Arm


The hydrabot arm is moved by a hydraulic system remotely in three axes. Made in recycled wood cuted into CNC, 3D printing and syringes with water inside.



From principles of electronics and physics a fun robot can be mounted. Made in recycled wood cuted into CNC and 3D printing.



A fun kit that can really be used in water, made in balsa wood cuted into CNC this boat is powered by engine and propeller.

MSK1-Mini Synth


This is a kit that lets you create sounds beyond the ordinary. Much popular by music producers, from MSK1 you can create your own synth square waves.



The solar cricket kit uses a clean and renewable source of energy to generate movement, transforming solar energy into kinetic energy. Made in 3D printing and a solar panel.

Yoyo with RGB LED


Simple kit with LED, battery and yoyo to test the POV concept (persistence of vision) that form light trails.

Power Generator WINDMill


A kit that teaches in practice the power generation and sustainability concepts, as it transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy. Made in recycled wood cuted into CNC.

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